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Quick post with a quick card today.

To make this card all you need is a piece of nice christmassy patterned paper, a stamp with sentiment and some embellishments: twine, ribbon and wooden stars. Patterned paper is here the main focus point so there is no need for tons of decorations.  Enjoy!

Handmade Christmas Card


Mass produced Christmas cards


It’s this time of year again! Today I want to show you a design I have chosen for my mass produced Christmas cards this year. It may seem that it requires a lot of work but if you do everything in batches it goes really fast and I made a good bunch of them in  no time.

Handmade mass produced christmas cards My workflow looked like this:

1. Heath emboss bunch of images on vellum.

2. Cut out round windows in the cards.

3. Cut out round window in the patterned paper.

4. Stamp the sentiments sentiments and fold the ends of paper strips (you can skip this step).

5. Using adhesive, make a sandwich: card -> vellum -> patterned paper.

6. Adhere the sentiment on top.

7. Add sequins to embellish.

8. All done!

Handmade mass produced christmas cards 2

Handmade mass produced christmas cards 3

Handmade mass produced christmas cards 4

Handmade mass produced christmas cards 5